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(1693 - 1788)
(1700 - 1782)

Unmarried, no partner
(1733 - 1801)
 bd.  1733
 bpd.  23 Feb 1733
 dd.  19 Sept 1801, age 68; Weston Sands [6]
 brd.  Weston Sands church, Gloucestershire, UK
 occ.  Farmed at Weston Sands Farm on the estate of the Duke of Dorset & Middlesex
 res.  UK
 src.   [8]

Thomas ADKINS b1762 address written by Thomas FISHER Thomas FISHER b1748 letter to Thomas ADKINS b1762

No issue

Notes for Caleb ADKINS

Unmarried, therefore childless, and died intestate. See the Birmingham Adkins history page for the Indenture used to transfer his property from his heir to another in 1806. This indicates that Caleb owned land at Egork (today Edgiock) north of Inkberrow. [8]

The picture 'Mr T Adkins' is of a document address, below it is the letter, posted to Thomas ADKINS by Thomas FISHER. It seems incredible today that one could address a letter to an individual in just 'Birmingham'! [Webmaster]

Thomas FISHER's letter reads:

Dear Coz - Weston Sept 19 1801
My dear Bro Mr Caleb Adkins is
dead your Brother desires his love
to you & hopes you will come to
his House tomorrow to attend your
Unkle Calebs Funeral next Monday
afternoon. Death Reighns may wee
his relations fly to Jesus who can save
from Eternal Death I am your
Greeving Unkle
Thos Fisher


6.  Church record, Gravestone
8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research

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