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Winston ADKINS
(1804 - )

Married: 25 March 1858 [55]
(1834 - 1916)
(1838 - 1917)
 bd.  12 March 1834
 dd.  12 Feb 1916, age 81
 brd.  Adkins Cemetery at Winright, Kentucky
 occ.  Farmer
 res.  USA
 src.   [55],[72]
 bd.  17 Jan 1838
 dd.  4 Sept 1917, age 79
 brd.  Adkins Cemetery at Winright, Kentucky
 res.  USA
 src.   [55],[72]

Children (8):

Lewis Franklin ADKINS (1858 - 1949)
Mary 'Polly' ADKINS (1861 - 1939)
[Died young]
Moses ADKINS (1869 - 1930)
William Bazil ADKINS (1871 - 1963)
Boaz ADKINS (1875 - 1950)
John ADKINS (1877 - 1955)
[Died in infancy]

Family notes for Peter ADKINS and Louisa BELCHER

Daniels p.93. Peter and Louisa are both buried in the Adkins Cemetery at Winright, Kentucky. Neither of these people have headstones or permanent markers at this time [1987]. [55]

Notes for Peter ADKINS

Daniels p.93. Peter was a farmer by occupation and a preacher in the Old Regular Baptist (now Primitive Baptist) Church. He was instrumental in establishing the present day Luisa Church (possibly named in honour of his wife, Louisa) which is now located on 'Rocky Road' at Millard, Kentucky. He donated the land on which the original church house was built and, in all probability, did a great deal of the work on the building as well. The original church building was constructed out of logs with a fireplace in one end of the building. At the time Peter sold his land on Biggs Branch at Millard, where the church house was located, he excepted out of the deed the church building and the lot and six feet around the lot, as long as the church was active. [55]

Peter was somewhat of a traveler for those days and times. He moved to the State of Washington for a time and from there to the State of Texas, which he did not like. He returned to Kentucky and settled in Letcher County, where he purchased a large farm on Rockhouse Creek on the Cumberland river. He also obtained land grants, 50 acres on Gap Branch on 1 March 1889 and another one for 50 acres on the same creek on 18 January 1890. [55]

The fact that Peter and Louisa lived in Letcher County was largely responsible for his sister, Elizabeth Daniels, and her family moving to Letcher County around the year 1890. Elizabeth and her family moved to Letcher County 4-5 years after she separated from her husband, Samuel Daniels. She lived on her brother Peter's farm until she bought her own small farm about 1898. My father, Peter Daniels, said that he worked many days on the farm of Peter when he was a young boy growing up. [55]

When they grew a little older, Peter and Louisa returned to Millard, Pike County, Kentucky, giving his farm in Letcher County to some of his children. In the 1910 Pike County census, Peter and Louisa were living with one of their sons, Dr Moses Adkins. [55]

Peter was a very handsome man as he appears in photographs. He had long white hair, a van Dyke type of beard and very intellegent and loving eyes. He was a wealthy man for his day and time but was also very humble and a God-fearing man. He died in the year 1916 and was buried on a point directly behind the old homestead at Winright, Kentucky. His wife, still living at that time, had him taken up and moved into the Adkins cemetery, a few yards away, because he was buried close to a mining operation and she felt that he would not like to be left there. [55]

Peter was 82 years old [81 actually] at the time of his death. [55]

Notes for Louisa BELCHER

Daniels p.93.


55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814
72.  Email, Sarah Dawn, 4 January 2007

Family record last updated: 16 March 2023

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