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(1808 - 1864)
Frederick SMITH
(1805 - 1885)

Married: 13 Nov 1879; Edgbaston Parish Church, Warwickshire UK
John Francis RATCLIFF
(1849 - 1915)
Elizabeth Mary SMITH
(1855 - 1880)
 bd.  19 Jan 1849; 6 Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire UK [17]
 bpd.  28 Feb 1849; St. Mark's Church, Birmingham UK [17]
 dd.  7 Aug 1915, age 66
 brd.  1915; Packwood, Warwickshire UK [17]
 occ.  Metals merchant [45]
 res.  April 1907, living at Widney Cottage, Knowle, Warwickshire UK, UK
 src.   [8]
 bd.  7 Jan 1855; Warwickshire UK [17]
 bpd.  29 July 1859; Holy Trinity Church, Coventry, Warwickshire UK [17]
 dd.  26 Oct 1880, age 25; Great Alne, Alcester, Warwickshire UK [16]
 brd.  3 Nov 1880; Edgbaston Parish Church, Warwickshire UK [17]
 res.  UK
 src.   [8]
Spouses: 1, 2

Elizabeth Mary SMITH b.1855 framed in a small neck pendant Elizabeth Mary SMITH b.1855


Elizabeth Mary Barbara RATCLIFF (1880 - 1921)

Notes for John Francis RATCLIFF

One of the first to own a car in Solihull, Warwickshire UK - a Hupmobile, American chassis with UK body, must have been in or after 1909.

Notes for Elizabeth Mary SMITH

Two books in my possession which are enscribed as having been presented to her, Shakespeare and a Holy Bible. The Bible was given to her by her father, 'Papa', containing a note 'Confirmed at Edgbaston Parish Church May 25th 1870'.

I also have a letter written to her granddaughter, Katharine Mary ADKINS, by a friend regarding a ring given to Elizabeth by her father Frederick SMITH to mark her completing her schooling (in about 1870). The ring was enclosed with the letter but of course we now don't know which ring this was.

Close inspection of the two pictures of Barbara (above) suggests that she was wearing the same outfit in both, which further suggests that the pictures were taken on the same occasion. The picture of the locket is slightly bigger than life size.

This is my great grandmother who died so young (25) while giving birth to my grandmother Elizabeth Mary Barbara RATCLIFF. [95]


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95.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (STB, Webmaster)

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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