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(1808 - 1864)
William MILNER
(~1805 - 1874)
(1805 - 1885)
(~1816 - 1874)

Married: 1862
Daniel Rowlinson RATCLIFF
(1837 - 1923)
Jane 'Jenny' MILNER
(~1840 - )
 bd.  2 Oct 1837; Edgbaston, Birmingham UK
 dd.  1923, age about 85; Wareham, Dorset UK
 occ.  Engineer;
1861 safe manufacturer;
1881 magistrate;
Saw mill company director
 res.  UK
 src.   [8],[84]
 bd.  About 1840
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  UK
 src.   [8],[84]

Children (4):

Jane Milner RATCLIFF (1862 - 1936)
Marianne Charlotte 'Lotty' RATCLIFF (1866 - 1951)
William Milner RATCLIFF (~1869 - )
Frederick Rowlinson RATCLIFF (1873 - 1934)

Notes for Daniel Rowlinson RATCLIFF

Partner in Milner, lock and safe manufacturers. Established own business with Douglas Horner in 1888.

Trust fund settlement.

Dennis Adkins wrote 'Capitalist. Very kind to us children. Gave me my first pocket watch. A partner in the firm making Milner safes. Left to found his own safe making business. Married Milner's daughter Jenny and called the new company Ratner incorporating both names [RATcliff and milNER]*. These safes and strong rooms are in use today [mid 20thC] in banks etc. Other ventures as well.'

* Dennis Adkins may have got this wrong. It is actually thought that the name Ratner came from RATcliff and horNER. Douglas Horner had been Milner's works manager and in 1888 he and Ratcliff went into business together as Ratcliff & Horner, in 1895 abreviating it to Ratner.

Unfair tactics! - further information.


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
84.  Email, John Graham, 3 November 2009

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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