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(~1735 - ~1818)
 bd.  About 1735; (see notes)
 dd.  About 1818, age about 83; (see notes)
 res.  USA
 src.   [60]
Web page: History: Amos ADKINS b.1735


John M ADKINS (1775 - )

Notes for Amos ADKINS

Served in the REV WAR from the Isle of Wight Co. Supposedly married a couple of times, once to a Chickasaw or Cherokee woman who gave him 11 children at least.

He could have been born in England about 1735, possibly Ware, Hertfordshire UK, and came over with his family as an infant, as one family journal recalls, but could be Isle of Wight, Virginia USA. We think he died about 1818, in Williamson County, Tennessee USA, where several of the Ezell and Tarkington families were living, that he was 'possibly & strongly' connected with.

We found his Will in Williamson Co., TN, dated 1818, and he had left some of his belongings to the Ezell family who had cared for him.

Or, another scenario, he could have been born in one of the colonies of VA. Some of the distant cousins in our family tree think he was born and married in England before coming over.

See web link for much extra information.


60.  Email, Linda Siekman, 7 May 2006

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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