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(1610 - )

Also known as (aka):

(1639 - 1721)
Elizabeth BROMWELL
(1641 - )
 bd.  1639; Sandy, Bedfordshire England
 dd.  1721, age about 82; Henrico County, Virginia USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [38]; aka.  [55]
 bd.  1641; Sandy, Bedfordshire England
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  USA
 src.   [38]
Spouses: 1, 2

Children (3):

Elizabeth ADKINS (1693 - )
Thomas ADKINS (1693 - 1726)
Henry ADKINS (1695 - 1740)

Notes for John ADKINS

Disputed as father of William V. Adkins. [55]

Some of the dates for this family may be incorrect. John ADKINS first wife, Elizabeth BROMWELL, was born in England but her children seem not to have been born until she was more than 50 years of age and John was over 70 - unlikely. His second wife, Ann PEW, was born in the US and her child seems to have been born before those of his first wife! Something not right here. It is possible that he married the women in the other order, Ann first, then Elizabeth, but this doesn't get over the fact of John and Elizabeth's age. I suspect that there may be a generation missing between John and the children. [Webmaster]


38.  Email, Jim Adkins, 11 June 2005
55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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