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(~1775 - )

Married: About 1840
 bd.  About 1805
 dd.  Before 1861, age about 55; not on census
 res.  UK
 src.   [82]
 bd.  About 1808; Whitechapel, Middlesex, London
 dd.  1877, age about 69; Woodstock 1q 3a 446, probable
 res.  UK
 src.   [82]


Elizabeth Frances ADKINS (1841 - 1915)

Notes for John ADKINS

1841 census

Emma Adkins abt 1811 Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire) John Adkins abt 1811 Oxfordshire, England Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire) James Quiney abt 1835 Oxfordshire, England Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire)

I don't know why they were in Hertfordshire for birth of Elizabeth. There are two Adkins children born there around the same time but no link to the Mollington families as yet.

Notes for Emma

1861 Census - Mollington, Warwickshire.
Elizabeth F Adkins abt 1842 Box Moor, Hertfordshire, England Daughter Mollington Warwickshire
Emma Adkins abt 1808 Whitechapel, Middlesex, England Head Mollington Warwickshire, occupation = landed proprietor

Probable death, though can't find her on 1871 census Deaths Mar 1877

Adkins Emma 67 Woodstock 3a 446.


82.  Email, John Malings, 5 November 2004

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