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Eugene Robert ADKINS
Also known as (aka):
Eugene Robert JEFFERY

(1934 - 1985)
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 bd.  1934
 dd.  1985, age about 51
 res.  UK
 src.   [12]; aka.  [12]
Spouses: 1

Notes for Eugene Robert ADKINS

Eugene was born in West Virginia in 1934 and was raised not by his mother but by a loving family in Jeffery, WV. He was raised as a 'Jeffery'. It was not until he wanted to enlist in the Army that he discovered he real surname, Adkins. It was then explained to him that he was the result of an affair.

Shortly before Eugene passed away he became curious about his 'real family'. He discovered that perhaps his family was from Biass Branch (sp.), WV.


12.  Email, Adrienne J Adkins-Davis, 14 September 2009

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