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Wyndham Howard MALINS

Married: 1941 [128]
Professor John Melville MALINS MD FRCP
(1915 - 1992)
( - 1987)
 bd.  28 Jan 1915; Birmingham UK
 dd.  6 Aug 1992, age 77; Tintinhull, Somerset UK
 edu.  Shrewsbury; Birmingham University
 occ.  Physician specialising in diabetes
30+ years at Birmingham General Hospital
 res.  UK
 src.   [21],[128]
 dd.  1987
 res.  UK
Spouses: 1, 2


Living children not displayed

Richard Melville MALINS (1944 - 2002)

Notes for John Melville MALINS MD FRCP

The Independent, Obituary.

The house at Tintinhull is owned by the National Trust, see Tintinhull garden. John Malins & his 2nd wife, best known as Penelope Hobhouse, developed the gardens, and created an arboretum there.

Wrote 'Clinical Diabetes Mellitus'.
Biographic article: 'J. M. Malins MD, FRCP' Michael Fitzgerald, British Medical Journal, Vol. 305, No. 6865 (Nov. 28, 1992), p.1359.


21.  Email, Terry Thompson, 19 December 2009
128.  Website, Wikipedia

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