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William Hayes ADKINS
(1878 - 1960)
(1878 - 1963)
Matilda RAMEY

(1902 - 1981)
(1906 - 1973)
 bd.  6 June 1902
 dd.  1 May 1981, age 78
 brd.  Mountain View Memory Gardens at Huddy, Kentucky
 occ.  Mining electrician for Eastern Coal Corporation; retired 1967
 rel.  Member of the Primitive Baptist Church from 1941.
 res.  Pond Creek, Kentucky, USA
 src.   [55]
 bd.  14 March 1906
 dd.  28 Nov 1973, age 67
 brd.  Mountain View Memory Gardens at Huddy, Kentucky
 rel.  Primative Baptist
 res.  Pond Creek, Kentucky, USA
 src.   [55]
Spouses: 1, 2


Living children not displayed

Jenette Emogene ADKINS (1924 - )
Racine ADKINS (1926 - )
Ghereldine Fay ADKINS (1932 - 1965)

Family notes for Dan ADKINS and Bertha MORRIS

Daniels p.20.

Notes for Dan ADKINS

First job was school teacher c.1919 at the old one room school at Daniels Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. He also worked for the railroad for a short time.

Became a preacher (elder) of his church and then a moderator and served them for almost 40 years.

Dan was well known and respected in Pike County and south western Virginia. His honesty and integrity were always beyond question. When he died, the service and funeral was the largest one ever held in the Pond Creek area.

Dan and Bertha lived most of their married lives on Pond Creek and both are buried in the Mountain View Memory Gardens at Huddy, Kentucky.

Although Dan and Bertha were in-laws to me I feel that I could not have selected better ones. I consider myself fortunate to have known and loved these people. [55]

Notes for Bertha MORRIS

Bertha Morris was a very beautiful woman and had an extremely pleasing personality. It was tragic that diabetes ruined her health and ended her life so soon. She possessed a beautiful singing voice and was often called on to sing at church and funerals. [55]


55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814

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