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(1690 - 1766)
(1692 - 1735)

Married: 6 May 1766; Wootton
 dd.  22 March 1790
 brd.  26 March 1790; Wootton
 occ.  Yeoman of Wootton and 'Woodleys'
 res.  Woodleys Manor, Wootton, Oxfordshire, UK
 src.   [8]; aka.  [8]
 bd.  1744
 dd.  6 Jan 1777, age about 32
 brd.  10 Jan 1777; Wootton
 res.  Woodleys Manor, Wootton, Oxfordshire, UK
 src.   [8]

Children (5):

Thomas SOTHAM (1767 - 1857)
aka. Thomas SOUTHAM
John SOUTHAM (1768 - 1768)
[Died in infancy]
John SOUTHAM (1771 - 1771)
[Died in infancy]
William SOTHAM (1774 - 1837)
aka. William SOUTHAM
Elizabeth Ann SOUTHAM (1777 - 1777)
[Died in infancy]

Notes for Thomas SOUTHAM

Thomas SOUTHAM b~.1744 changed the family name to SOTHAM after 1779. [8]

Builder of Woodleys Manor, Wootton, Oxfordshire UK. The house is located just beyond the north end of the Great Park drive that leads from Blenheim Palace, Woodstock. [8]

Notes for Ann ADAMS

Of Dornford (probably refers to one or other of two farms, Upper Dornford and Lower Dornford, located a mile to the northeast of Wootton, Oxfordshire UK). [8]


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research

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