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Sir Charles Sissmore TOMES MA FRS
(1846 - 1928)
Elizabeth Eno 'Lizzie' COOK
(~1854 - 1935)

Unmarried, no partner
Amy Evelyn TOMES JP
(1876 - 1940)
 bd.  21 June 1876; Cavendish Square, London UK
 dd.  18 Sept 1940, age 64; Middlesex Hospital, London UK
 res.  January 1936: Welbeck House, Wigmore St, London, UK
 src.   [107]

Notes for Amy Evelyn TOMES JP

Justice of the Peace in London. Fatally injured by German 'blitz' bombing at Beaumont House, Beaumont Street, Marylebone, London, on the night of 17-18 September 1940, while working for the London Council. Will estate: £122,693 4s 1d. [107]

Col L T TOMES told the compiler, that he understood that, as the last descendant in the line, many family items then passed to Brig Clement TOMES, as Amy's father had made him heir for all the family side of the inheritance. However, Sir Charles's Will shows a bequest of £12,000 to Clement TOMES and nothing else; and there are no bequests in his daughter's Will to him. [107]


107.  Email, Ian Tomes, 13 April 2016

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