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(1792 - 1841)
(1803 - 1881)
(1796 - 1865)
Elizabeth BARTLEET
(1805 - 1880)

Married: 12 July 1848; St. Martins, Birmingham, UK
 bd.  1822
 bpd.  30 April 1822
 dd.   Dec 1898, age 76
 res.  UK
 src.   [8]
 bd.  1829
 bpd.  1829
 dd.  28 July 1898, age about 69; Southsea [9]
 res.  UK
 src.   [8]

Children (3):

Florence Ann ADKINS (1849 - )
Thomas ADKINS (1850 - 1921)
Henry ADKINS (1853 - 1932)

Notes for Henry ADKINS

Retired to Ley Hill House, Merritt's Hill, Northfield, Birmingham UK. Phil Preston's research reveals Henry Adkins & Sons, Electro-Plated Wares, of 75 Bath Row, Birmingham. [8]

Contributed in 1866 two chapters to a book celebrating Birmingham businesses, one describing in considerable detail his company's manufacturing process for soap, and a second chapter describing their production of red lead (a paint). The soap mix was tested by the mixer by tasting it! [95]

The group picture must be very early, at the dawn of photography in the early 1860s. [95]


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9.  Document, Theo CHRISTOPHERS of Dorridge
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