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Daniel Rowlinson RATCLIFF
(1837 - 1923)
Jane 'Jenny' MILNER
(~1840 - )

Marianne Charlotte 'Lotty' RATCLIFF
(1866 - 1951)
 bd.  1866
 dd.  1951, age about 85
 res.  29 Connaught Square, London UK
George Street, London UK
Lulworth House, Lulworth, Dorset, UK
 src.   [8],[84]

Notes for Marianne Charlotte 'Lotty' RATCLIFF

Dennis Adkins used to go by train to London to stay with Lotty in the few days before going to Aldenham school. Lotty lived at 29 Connaught Square with her brother Frederick (which was later occupied by ex-UK Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair), and later, after Frederick's death, in George Street behind Selfridges. Her cook, Josephine, moved with her.

Lotty was Dennis Adkins' Godmother. Earlier lived at Lulworth House, Lulworth, Dorset UK.

Voluntary Settlement Trust; distribution account 22 August 1951.

The Adkins family went to Lulworth House for their summer holidays for many years. There is a house of that name today in Bindon Road, Lulworth, but it is unlikely to be that referred to.


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
84.  Email, John Graham, 3 November 2009

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