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Henry Francis 'Frank' ADKINS
(1878 - 1950)
(1888 - 1972)

Married: 24 Jan 1956; Ottery St. Mary parish church, Devon, UK [8],[95]
 bd.  17 Oct 1924
 dd.  13 Feb 2013, age 88
 brd.  23 Feb 2013; Taunton Deane Crematorium
 edu.  Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Wiltshire UK
 occ.  Gardener; maker of carved wooden name plates and models
 rel.  Anglican
 mil.  Royal Air Force, air navigator
 res.  Brought up in Solihull, Warwickshire and later in Ottery St Mary, Devon. Once married, lived for many years at Tipton St John in Devon. Retired to a flat in Wellington, Somerset, UK
 src.   [8],[95]
 bd.  19 March 1925; Grays, 5 Church Hill, Solihull, Warwickshire UK
 dd.  19 Jan 2007, age 81; Bishops Court, Wellington, Somerset UK
 brd.  29 Jan 2007; Taunton Deane Crematorium, Somerset UK
 res.  Lived for many years at Tipton St John in Devon. Retired to a flat in Wellington, Somerset, UK
 src.   [8],[95]

Children (2):

Living child #1

Living child #2

Notes for Ronald Sadleir 'Binky' GOODMAN

It was disclosed after his death that he didn't actually like us calling him Binky! Preferred Ron.

Researched his Goodman family history. [95]

Notes for Evelyn Laura ADKINS

Outstanding researcher and genealogist of the Adkins family, Evelyn identified the vast majority of the UK information in this the Adkins family tree.

Evelyn Goodman spent two or three decades in the late 1900s researching the Adkins family tree. These were the days before the internet and required extensive visits to churches, county archives and museums to gather information about the family. She was very strongly supported in this work by her husband who was researching his own family at the same time.

All of her findings in terms of people are now available on this web site. She also wrote a book describing her findings and the webmaster is slowly including the text in a wide variety of pages throughout the site. [95]


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
95.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (STB, Webmaster)

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