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Amos Adkins, b.c.1735

Much research has been carried out into the Amos Adkins / Atkins family of Virginia and Williamson County, Tennessee USA. This work has been undertaken by descendants of the family including Linda Siekman, Chuck Nichols, Helen Holmes, Wendy Caldwell, Deloris Schwarz, Cathy Kingcade and Dorothy Baumgartner, and I am most grateful to them for providing the material for this set of pages.

It is unclear whether Amos Adkins was born in England or in Isle of Wight, Virginia USA. A wide collection of documentation about him and his family has been unearthed and, while it makes fascinating reading, it does provide a number of contradictions, concealing the truth about several important facts. So, please read the documents listed below and draw your own conclusions. Some of the individuals named in the documents are in the database and web family tree but many are not because the links are rather tenuous.

born c.1735

History, descendants

Family history 1, 'Adkins Famley Record'

Family history 2 - transcription

His Will



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