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Thomas ADKINS, b.1693 d.1788

Notes from his Will

WILL of Thomas ADKINS, husband of Hannah DURHAM, the Giver, of Weston-upon-Avon in the county of Gloucester. Yeoman.

Will dated 15th September 1785; Codicil 5th May 1788. Date of probate 2nd July 1789. Gloucester Diocesan Consistory Court.

Value not less than £1,000.

Location of Will: Gloucestershire RO.

The Testator died aged 95, made his Will aged 92, Codicil at 94; his wife Hannah had died aged 82 on 16th June 1782.

Considering the Uncertainty of Life and the Certainty of Death Do for the settling of my worldly affairs etc. -


Grandson John ADKINS, son of Thomas ADKINS - property in Welford-upon-Avon in occupation of Thomas STEAL, William FREEMAN, Giles PARSONS, and Thomas SHEVERINGTON charged £10 pa to his son Thomas ADKINS.

Caleb ADKINS, his son - Confirmation of a Gift of the 25th December 1777 of property held of the Duke of Dorset. Original Gift held.

Caleb ADKINS, his son - All my plate, linen, household goods and the furniture within my house.

John ADKINS, his son - Annuity of £5.

Ann, his daughter, wife of Edward WELLS - Annuity of £2-10-0 for own use independent of husband.

Mary, wife of son John - £10. Cancelled in Codicil.

Grandson John, son of son Thomas - £10. (We have found no evidence of this grandson)

Grandson Thomas, son of son Thomas - £40.

Granddaughter Mary, daughter of Thomas - £20.

Grandson Thomas son of son John - £50 executors to lay it out for him.

Grandson Thomas, son of son William - £40.

Grandson Joseph, son of son William - £5, I having in my lifetime made some provision for him.

Granddaughter Sarah, daughter of son William - £30.

Granddaughter Mary, daughter of son William - £30.

The last eight bequests payable at the age of 25 plus in each case interest at 4½%.

Susannah, daughter of Thomas and wife of Robert FISHER - £50 within 6 months and interest at 4½%.

Hannah, daughter of Thomas and wife of Thomas FISHER - £50 within 6 months and interest at 4½%.

Grandsons John and Thomas FISHER, sons of Thomas's late daughter Elizabeth, wife of John FISHER - £25 each, at age 21 plus interest earned.

All Lawful grandchildren, sons and daughters of his sons John, Thomas and William given the rest free after annuities.

Caleb ADKINS son - residue. If insufficient sums due to him to pay pecuniary legacies then abate.

CODICIL - 5th June 1788 - 'being of sound mind, memory and understanding' etc.

Sarah, wife of son Thomas - £5.

Mary, wife of son John - cancel legacy of £10.

Grandson John, son of Thomas - £10 legacy increased to £20.

Witnessed by Sam Oliver HUNT and the Mark of John MALIN.

Executors - Son Caleb ADKINS and Grandson John ADKINS.

Signed and sealed.

Date of death - 31st October 1788

Witnesses - W GEM(?), Thomas THURENT(?), Josiha BALLINGER.

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