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BirthMale; About 1808; Mollington
Death1868, age about 60; Banbury 2Q 3a 388 aged 60 (speculative)
MotherNot recorded


Married, about 1840
BirthFemale; About 1821; Oxfordshire
DeathBefore 1851, age about 29
Marriage About 1840
Child (1):William ADKINS (~1840 - )

Married, after 1841
BirthFemale; About 1823; Mollington, Oxford
DeathAfter 1901, age about 79
Marriage After 1841
Children (6):Mary A ADKINS (~1849 - )
Thomas ADKINS (1850 - )
Richard ADKINS (~1854 - )
Mary M ADKINS (~1855 - )
John ADKINS (1857 - )
Elizabeth ADKINS (1859 - 1891)

Notes for William ADKINS


Pattey Adkins abt 1821 Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire) William Adkins abt 1840 Oxfordshire, England Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire) Wm Adkins abt 1811 Oxfordshire, England Cropredy Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire)

1851 England Census

Name: William Adkins Age: 43 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808 Relation: Head Spouse's name: Mary Gender: Male Where born: Mollington, Warwickshire, England

Civil Parish: Mollington County/Island: Warwickshire Country: England

Mary Adkins 27 Mary Adkins 1 Sarah Adkins 8 Thomas Adkins 3 Mo William Adkins 43 William Adkins 10 Sarah Frank 13 Mary Ann Heydon 15 Richard Robbins 45

1861 Census - Mollington, Warwickshire

Elizabeth Adkins abt 1860 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Daughter John Adkins abt 1858 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Son Mary Adkins abt 1824 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Wife Mary A Adkins abt 1855 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Daughter Mary M Adkins abt 1850 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Daughter occupation = farmers daughter Richard Adkins abt 1854 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Son Thomas Adkins abt 1851 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Son William Adkins abt 1808 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Head occupation = farmer William Adkins abt 1841 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Son occupation = farmers son Mary A Frost abt 1846 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Servant

Richard Robbins abt 1807 Mollington, Warwickshire, England Servant

Notes for Mary HARRISON

1881 census, Mollington, Oxford

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability Mary ADKINS Head W Female 57 Mollington, Warwick, England Farmer Of 174 Acres Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy Thomas ADKINS Son U Male 30 Mollington, Warwick, England Farmers Son Elizabeth ADKINS Daur U Female 21 Mollington, Warwick, England Elizabeth Frances MALINGS Niece M Female 39 Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, England

1901 census

Mary Adkins 77 Born Wark Mollington, Living Oxon Mollington, Retired Farmer John Adkins 43 Oxon Mollington Oxon Bourton Farmer Richard Adkins 47 Oxon Mollington Warwickshire Farnborough Entire Farmer Tom Adkins 50 Oxon Mollington Oxon Bourton Cattle Dealer


82.  Email, John Malings, 5 November 2004

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