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BirthMale; 1693; Atherstone on Stower (Stour)
Death31 Oct 1788, age about 95; Weston-on-Avon, Gloucestershire UK [3],[6]
BurialWeston Sands church, Gloucestershire, UK (PR)
Burial Memo'The Giver'
OccupationYeoman farmer at Atherstone on Stour and then Weston Sands
ResidenceAtherstone on Stour, Warwickshire
Weston Sands Farm, Weston-on-Avon, Gloucestershire, UK
Web Page History of the Birmingham ADKINS

Thomas ADKINS b.1693, Hannah DURHAM b.1700, gravestone Thomas ADKINS b1693 signature Thomas ADKINS b1693 signature


1        Married, 1725
BirthFemale; 1700
Birth MemoUnproven …
Death16 June 1782, age about 82
Death Memo… but known to be 82 [6]
BurialWeston Sands church, Gloucestershire, UK
Marriage 22 April 1725, Clifford Chambers [9]
Children (11):Thomas ADKINS (1726 - 1793)
James ADKINS (1727 - 1727)
John ADKINS (1728 - )
William ADKINS (1732 - 1784)
Caleb ADKINS (1733 - 1801)
Ann ADKINS (1736 - 1813)
Joseph ADKINS (1737 - )
Elizabeth ADKINS (1739 - 1781)
Susannah ADKINS (1741 - 1820)
Hannah ADKINS (1746 - 1801)

Notes for Thomas ADKINS

25 Dec 1777 original gift of lease from Earl of Dorset to son Caleb.

Will of Thomas ADKINS, husband of Hannah DURHAM, the Giver, of Weston-upon-Avon. [8]

The two signatures written by Thomas on legal documents show that he was literate but that his hand was shaky and un-practiced. The first signature was appended under seal to his Will on the 15th September 1785. The second was to a codicil dated 5th May 1788 when he was already 94 or 95 and just a few months prior to his death. [Webmaster]


3.  Public archive, Ref: p.99 PRs of Clifford Chambers in Warwick RO, also of Weston Sands.
6.  Church record, Gravestone
8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
9.  Document, Theo CHRISTOPHERS of Dorridge

Person record last updated: 7 Feb 2023

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