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(1762 - 1824)
(1765 - )
Elizabeth FIELD
(1768 - 1797)

Married: 9 June 1817; St. Mary's church, Handsworth, Birmingham, UK
(1792 - 1841)
(1796 - 1865)
 bd.  1792
 dd.  9 Feb 1841, age about 48; Smethwick Grove, Birmingham UK
 brd.  Crypt, Holy Trinity Church, Smethwick, Birmingham UK
 occ.  Soap manufacturer of Smethwick, Birmingham, UK
 res.  The Grove, Smethwick, Birmingham
Churchfield Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham, UK
 src.   [8]
 bd.  1796; Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire UK
 bpd.  1797; Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire UK
 dd.  17 July 1865, age about 69; Edgbaston, Birmingham UK
 brd.  Crypt, Holy Trinity Church, Smethwick, Birmingham UK
 res.  Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, UK
 src.   [8]

Anne TARLETON b.1796

Children (7):

Ann Tarleton ADKINS (~1818 - 1900)
Thomas ADKINS (1820 - ~1835)
[Died in childhood]
Henry ADKINS (1822 - 1898)
John William ADKINS (1824 - 1841)
Anderson ADKINS (1826 - )
George Caleb ADKINS (1828 - 1887)
Francis ADKINS (1832 - 1878)

Family notes for Thomas ADKINS and Anne TARLETON

A successful entrepreneur would mark his success by having portraits painted of himself and his wife, and in this case, his daughter too. It is known that there was also a picture of Thomas to complement that of Anne. However, this has been lost and if it still exists its whereabouts is unknown. [95]

The family of the late Theo CHRISTOPHERS has the original painting of Anne TARLETON. [95]

Notes for Thomas ADKINS

The story of Thomas ADKINS, industrialist, is told on a separate page,
History of Thomas Adkins b.1792
The Adkins family history page. [8]

Thomas's soap factory was located beside the Birmingham canal opposite the junction with the Cape Arm canal. The Birmingham / Wolverhampton railway runs past on the northeast side (built long after the factory), and the area is marked today by the adjacent railway junction known (and marked on the street map) as Soap Works Junction. The factory had a short arm beside it. This juxtaposition with the canal indicates that it was an important method of transport for the soap factory.

He lived at a mansion called The Grove which was located a short distance south of the soap factory near the end of the Cape Arm canal. The area is very industrial today with a new hospital (2022) covering part of Thomas's estate, but includes Grove Lane and Grove Street. Although obliterated by the hospital development, there was also Keen Street (Guest Keen & Nettlefold, GKN), a family related to Thomas. [95]


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
95.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (STB, Webmaster)

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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