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Winston ADKINS
(1804 - )

Married: About 1852; Pike County, Kentucky [55]
Stephen ADKINS
(~1835 - 1902)
Fanny ROWE
 bd.  About 1835
 dd.  3 Dec 1902, age about 67
 brd.  Stephen Adkins Cemetery, Delbarton, West Virginia
 res.  USA
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  USA

Children (14):

Stephen ADKINS (1853 - )
[Died young]
Louisa ADKINS (1853 - )
Leah ADKINS (1854 - )
[Died young]
Lewis Huffman ADKINS (1855 - 1931)
Mary Ann ADKINS (1856 - )
Peter ADKINS (1857 - 1937)
Susan ADKINS (1859 - )
Marcus ADKINS (1859 - )
Hannah ADKINS (1861 - )
Eveline ADKINS (1861 - )
Caroline ADKINS
Allen Witcher ADKINS (1869 - 1952)
Boyd ADKINS (1875 - 1957)

Family notes for Stephen ADKINS and Fanny ROWE

Stephen Adkins' first marriage to Fanny Rowe was performed in Pike County, Kentucky, and the children of this marriage were born on Marrowbone Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. Most of them married and raised their families in this area. [55]

I could not locate Stephen's wife, Fanny Rowe, in the 1870 or later census records. The children, other than Hannah, could not be located until after their marriages. Fanny could have moved back into Virginia, which appears unlikely as several of the children were married in Pike County, Kentucky. We are at a loss to explain what happened to Fanny or her children after 1860, when Stephen was living next door to his father, Winston Adkins. When Stephen moved into the Pond Creek area and later into West Virginia, the older children did not accompany him. [55]

Daniels' notes describe Stephen's relationships with three women but do not show when the 2nd and 3rd relationships began, and do not show which children were born to which woman but show them all under Fanny Rowe. I have done the same. [Webmaster]

Notes for Stephen ADKINS

Daniels p.76. Stephen was married three times or lived with three different women at various times. We were able to locate a date of 31 March 1852 for his first marriage to Fanny Rowe, a daughter of Barbara. We did not locate a marriage to Mary 'Polly' Cox or one to Bathsheba Scott. Both of these marriages could have been performed in Logan County, West Virginia, where most of the marriage records have been destroyed. There is also some discrepancy in Stephen's birth. Most of the census records indicate an 1831-1833 date, although a date of 1836 is listed on his headstone in the Stephen Adkins Cemetery at Delbarton, West Virginia.

Stephen was listed in District #6 (Mouth of Pond Creek) in the 1870 US census records along with Mary 'Polly' Cox. In 1880, he was listed in District #13, Blackberry Creek, along with his third wife, Bathsheba Scott. He was also listed in the 1900 census in Mingo County, West Virginia.

Some of Stephen's descendants in West Virginia think that Stephen got into some kind of trouble with his family and felt that it was best to move away from them. Some think that the trouble may have arisen over a difference of opinion about the Civil War. I could not find any record of Stephen serving in the war, but three of his brothers were killed while serving the Confederacy. Stephen did not move into West Virginia until c.1880, a few years after the Civic War had ended.

Stephen died on 3rd December 1902 and is buried in the Stephen Adkins Cemetery at Delbarton, West Virginia, along with some of his children and grandchildren. [55]


55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814

Family record last updated: 16 March 2023

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