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(1834 - 1916)
(1838 - 1917)

Married: 19 July 1892 [55]
(1869 - 1930)
( - 1948)
 bd.  15 March 1869
 dd.  12 Feb 1930, age 60; At home, Millard, Pike County, Kentucky
 brd.  Cox Cemetery, Millard, Pike County, Kentucky
 occ.  Medical doctor
 res.  Millard, Pike County, Kentucky, USA
 src.   [55]
 dd.  1948
 brd.  Cox Cemetery, Millard, Pike County, Kentucky
 res.  Millard, Pike County, Kentucky, USA
 src.   [55]

Children (9):

Emmit H ADKINS (1893 - 1966)
Bertha ADKINS (1895 - 1973)
John ADKINS (1897 - 1978)
Amy ADKINS (1899 - )
Kenneth ADKINS (1902 - 1973)
Leona ADKINS (1905 - 1983)
Myrtle ADKINS (1910 - 1968)
Clyde ADKINS (1912 - 1947)
Hazel ADKINS (1917 - )

Family notes for Moses ADKINS and Dora FRANKLIN

Daniels p.95.

Notes for Moses ADKINS

Daniels p.95. Moses was a medical doctor (MD) and practiced in Millard, Pike County, Kentucky, for many years. He lived in a large two story white house. In addition to being a doctor, Moses also operated a large feed and grain store. He was one of the last old time country doctors that rode horseback and made house calls. He provided his patients with medicine, as present day prescriptions were almost unknown in his time. [55]

I can well remember Dr Moses prior to his death. He visited our home on many occasions and my father loved and respected him more than any other man. To me he appeared to be a tall man, being well over six feet, which is directly opposite to most of the descendants of Henry ADKINS, a brother to Winston. [55]

Moses was company doctor for a mining company at Wolfpit, Kentucky, when he became ill himself. He died at home on 12 February 1930 and is buried in the Cox Cemetery at Millard, Kentucky. His wife, Dora, died in 1948 and is buried in the same cemetery. [55]

Notes for Dora FRANKLIN

Daniels p.95/96.


55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814

Family record last updated: 16 March 2023

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