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George Edward THOMPSON
Canon George ASTBURY
Mary Louise SPURRIER

Capt Samuel Harold THOMPSON
(1882 - 1961)
Ethel Matilda ASTBURY
(1875 - 1950)
 bd.  11 Feb 1882; Smethwick, Birmingham UK
 dd.  2 March 1961, age 79
 res.  UK
 src.   [62]
 bd.  15 Aug 1875
 dd.  11 Sept 1950, age 75
 res.  UK
 src.   [62]
Spouses: 1, 2

Notes for Samuel Harold THOMPSON

Of The Uplands. First world war soldier and later Maltster and High Sheriff of Radnorshire, Wales UK.


62.  Email, R Simon Thompson, 15 April 2006

Family record last updated: 31 March 2023

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