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(1834 - 1916)
(1838 - 1917)

Married [55]
Lewis Franklin ADKINS
(1858 - 1949)
Rena MAY
 bd.  7 April 1858
 dd.  1 May 1949, age 91
 occ.  Farmer
 rel.  Primitive Baptist
 res.  1879: Marrowbone Creek, Pike County, Kentucky
1899: Green Mountain, Riffe, Washington
1949: Peell, Washington, USA
 src.   [55]
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  Washington, USA
 src.   [55]
Spouses: 1, 2

Children (8):

Daniel Morgan ADKINS (1879 - )
Pricy ADKINS (1881 - 1939)
Nancy ADKINS (1883 - )
[Died young]
Peter ADKINS (1885 - 1957)
Joseph ADKINS (1888 - )
[Died young]
Samuel Stephen ADKINS (1890 - )
Rachel ADKINS (1894 - 1984)
Alonzo ADKINS (1896 - 1896)
[Died in Infancy]

Family notes for Lewis Franklin ADKINS and Rena MAY

Daniels p.94.

Notes for Lewis Franklin ADKINS

Daniels p.94. Lewis moved to the State of Washington in 1899 and took up a homestead on Green Mountain, near Riffe, Washington. He was also a Primitive Baptist preacher. [55]

Lewis was said to be somewhat of a ladies man. When he was 85 years old, he got into a fight with a much younger man over a woman. To make the odds a little more even, he pulled a knife on the younger man, and was locked up in jail for a short time. Most people would think that an 85 year old man would not be fighting over a woman but Lewis probably knew what it was all about! [55]

Notes for Rena MAY

Daniels p.94.


55.  Book, Joseph T Daniels, 1988, Adkins of Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas, Private publication, Library of Congress LC control #:88194814

Family record last updated: 16 March 2023

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