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BirthMale; 12 Sept 1809; Milcote, Gloucestershire UK
Death5 June 1871, age 61 [6]
BurialWeston Sands church, Gloucestershire UK
OccupationFarmed firstly at Weston Farm, Weston Sands, Gloucestershire UK
ResidenceMilcote, Weston-on-Avon, Gloucestershire UK, UK


1        Married, 1831
BirthFemale; 4 Oct 1808
Baptism31 May 1808; Long Marston, Gloucestershire UK
Death17 June 1890, age 81; Bishopton, Warwickshire UK [40]
BurialWeston Sands church, Gloucestershire UK
ResidenceMilcote, Weston-on-Avon, Gloucestershire, UK

Temperance TOMES, bc.1808 Temperance TOMES, bc.1808

Marriage 18 Oct 1831, Littleton, Gloucestershire, UK
Children (7):Anne ADKINS (1832 - 1902)
Susan ADKINS (1834 - 1864)
Thomas 'China Tom' ADKINS (1836 - 1912)
Hannah ADKINS (1838 - 1856)
Sarah ADKINS (1839 - 1910)
John Caleb ADKINS (1841 - 1910)

Notes for John Caleb ADKINS

Monumental inscription at Milcote - Father of Thomas [China Tom], John Caleb, Alice, Anne [married her cousin George Caleb Adkins, mistress of The Lightwoods], Susan [first wife of her cousin Francis Adkins], Hannah, Sarah [second wife of her cousin Francis Adkins]. [95]

Notes for Temperance TOMES

The first picture above, kindly supplied by Ian Tomes, is believed to be the earliest picture of any member of the Tomes family. It probably dates from the 1860s. The second picture is of a later date, probably late 1880s. [95]


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Person record last updated: 20 Dec 2023

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