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BirthMale; 1828
Birth Memo?
Death1866, age about 38
Death MemoAccident

Arthur MALINS b.1866, death certificate


1        Married, 1854
AkaSusannah Anne SERGEANT
AkaSusanna Ann SARGEANT
BirthFemale; About 1830
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
Marriage 1854, Coventry, Warwickshire UK [57]
Children (6):Francis A 'Frank' MALINS (1856 - 1930)
Alice M MALINS (1857 - >1930)
Edith MALINS (1859 - )
Edward G MALINS (1860 - )
David P MALINS (1865 - )
Susanna M MALINS (1867 - )

Notes for Susannah Anne SARGEANT

Of Coventry, Warwickshire UK. There is some question as to this person's actual names. There is Sarah Ann in the 1871 census and Susannah A in the 1881 census with the same address both times and the same children. Then there is Susannah Anne SERGEANT as recorded by Evelyn Goodman's research (I am not clear where she got her information) marrying Arthur Malins and at Free BMD we have Arthur Malins marrying Susanna Ann Sargeant in June 1854, Coventry, Vol 6d, page 485.

1871 census Family number 231, lists the head of household at 22 Elvetham Road, Edgbaston, King's Norton, Warwickshire, England, GSU #838894 as Sarah Ann Malins born about 1830.

1881 census lists the head of household at 22 Elvetham Road, King's Norton, Edgbaston, folio 72, page 24, as Susannah A. Malins born about 1830 in Coventry.

I draw the conclusion that she was born and registered as Susannah but that she was known in the family as Sarah. I have therefore recorded an 'also known as' (aka) name. [95]


8.  Document, Evelyn GOODMAN research
57.  Email, Terry Thompson, 9 April 2006
95.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (STB, Webmaster)

Person record last updated: 7 Feb 2023

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